Architectural & Environmental Acousticians

Noise & Vibration Engineers

  • Noise from Waste Transfer Station – London

    Noise from Waste Transfer Station – London

  • Large mixed-use scheme – One Tower Bridge

    Large mixed-use scheme – One Tower Bridge

  • New Hotel – Heathrow Airport

    New Hotel – Heathrow Airport

  • New residential village for Berkeley Homes

    New residential village for Berkeley Homes

  • New Container Distribution Hub – Felixstowe

    New Container Distribution Hub – Felixstowe

  • New Skills Academy – Bristol

    New Skills Academy – Bristol

  • New Chapel and Crematorium – Milton Keynes

    New Chapel and Crematorium – Milton Keynes

  • New Leisure Centre – Nottingham

    New Leisure Centre – Nottingham

  • New Office Block – London

    New Office Block – London

“Cass Allen are extremely proactive in their approach, always timely and provide their expertise in a very user-friendly manner. They are exceptionally cost aware and always endeavour to provide cost effective solutions. They are a pleasure to work with and an invaluable member of the design team.”

Luke Cronin, Technical Manager, Willmott Dixon

Cass Allen have worked on almost every Telford Homes scheme. The repeat business and continued relationship thrives on the service we receive, day in day out. They work very closely with us to provide a solution that works for us. They’re a proven asset to our business.

Daryl Diggons, Senior Technical Coordinator, Telford Homes plc

“Cass Allen has worked on a number of commissions for Taylor Wimpey. Commercially focused, Cass Allen consistently provides a professional and pro-active service which is very much aligned to finding and providing the right solution for the client.”

David Rowland, Technical Manager, Taylor Wimpey South Thames

“Cass Allen went above and beyond to help with the project, in particular proactively advising on the baseline noise S106 obligation and how to mitigate any risk to the client’s project needs and also the surrounding stakeholders.”

Liam McGuigan, Project Manager, Capita plc

“A thorough and efficient service, very easy to work with and crucially very proactive in finding solutions. The site was positioned over Network Rail & HS1 assets so was particularly sensitive from a noise and vibration perspective and Cass Allen’s work here has proved invaluable.”

RJ, Senior Technical Co-Ordinator, Telford Homes

“Good comprehensive reports and advice at all design stages. Very flexible and professional, provided attendance at acoustic cladding tests at short notice. Would use again.”

David Farrell, Senior Technical Manager, Berkeley Homes (South East London)

“I have dealt with 4-5 different members of Cass Allen. I find them all to be very helpful, proactive and very practical. I also found them very willing to engage with Planners to agree a more practical approach than had been agreed by a previous Acoustician working on our behalf.”

Ricky Allgood, Technical Manager, Berkeley Homes (South East London) Ltd

“Cass Allen was employed to give advice in a complaint which involved one of our purchasers and the local authority. I was very pleased with their technical knowledge and professional approach when dealing with a very awkward purchaser as well as the local authority.”

JH, Telford Homes

“Project undertaken and delivered to high standard. Will continue to use Cass Allen services in the future.”

Mario Cvetkovski, Survey Manager, Equate Design

“Cass Allen have assisted us on a number of our projects. I’ve been impressed with their thorough and professional approach.”

Michael Temple, Planning & Project Manager, Lark Energy

Company News: 2018

Cass Allen – Coming of Age

Today we are 18 years old so looking forward to buying a few legal pints down the local and letting the landlord find out we’ve been underage for the last 2 years.

In all seriousness, we are delighted to reach this milestone and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients, associates and staff that have helped ‘grow us up’ over the last 18 years. It has been hard work (the teenage years in particular) but deeply rewarding to see our clients and staff grow and succeed in making the firm what it is today.

So, thanks again and, if we see you down the pub, drinks are on us!

18th Birthday

Brahms Symphony Recordings in Italy

Cass Allen consultants have recently been working in Italy, recording the complete symphony cycle of Johannes Brahms with the Filarmonica Toscanini. The recordings were commissioned by the Italian State broadcaster RAI and are also planned for broadcast on BBC Radio 3 later in the year.

The synergy between music and acoustics plays a regular part of Cass Allen’s work. In this case, the recording venue was the Auditorium Paganini di Parma. This was originally a sugar factory, beautifully converted to a concert hall by Renzo Piano Architects.

Brahms Symphony Recordings in Italy

Regeneration of former Perfume Factory in North Acton

Cass Allen is currently working alongside Essential Living on the regeneration of the former Perfume Factory site in North Acton from RIBA Stage 3 to project completion. The proposals include the construction of 3 towers to provide approximately 400 new homes as well as a number of large retail spaces.

The site is acoustically challenging as it is bounded by a busy road, a railway line and an existing industrial estate. Through a combination of site noise surveys, detailed 3D modelling, and calculations, Cass Allen has been able to demonstrate that appropriate living environments can be provided for future occupants.

former Perfume Factory in North Acton

A warm welcome to Anthony Coraci, the newest member of the Cass Allen team

Cass Allen are pleased to introduce our newest Acoustics Consultant, Anthony Coraci, who joined us in January. A few words from our new team member:

“Since completing my Music Technology degree in June 2017 and gaining a First, I had already decided that I’d like to pursue a career in Acoustics. I’ve always had a keen interest in working with numbers as well as learning about sound – I soon realised that the field of Acoustics offered an ideal combination of these two areas! After more research in the field, I decided to study for the IOA Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control.

About halfway through the IOA Diploma, I came across the opportunity to work with Cass Allen as an Acoustics Consultant. Within days of applying, I was offered an interview. I enjoyed the challenge of the interview process; in particular, I was made to feel very welcome by the team and the wide range of projects appealed to me.

During my first couple of weeks, I had the opportunity to go on several site visits. This meant I gained a great deal of practical experience in a relatively short space of time. In addition to taking measurements in person, I’ve enjoyed using the environmental noise modelling software, Cadna. This has given me a valuable insight into how projects are completed from start to finish.”

Welcome Anthony

Support grows for ‘Agent of Change’ principle

The UK Government have recently announced plans to incorporate the ‘Agent of Change’ (AoC) principle into the National Planning Policy Framework document.

The full press release is available here.

It may also be adopted in legislation with the Planning (Agent of Change) Bill 2017-19 currently working its way through the House of Commons.

The AoC principle means that any person or business responsible for a change is responsible for managing the impact of that change.

For example, in the situation where new residential development is introduced close to an existing music venue, the developer would be responsible should the residents be disturbed by noise from the venue.

Whilst the AoC principle seems like common sense, at present UK law says that whoever is making a nuisance is always responsible for that nuisance. Consequently, numerous existing commercial premises have been forced to close down or make expensive alterations following complaints from new occupants of new residential developments moving into an area, even if the premises have operated for years without complaint. At present, it is not a defence to use the “we were here first” argument.

Whilst the exact details of the changes to be made are yet to be confirmed, the change is likely to mean that developers carry significant risk when building near to existing commercial premises such as music venues, community and sports clubs and churches.

It will therefore become more important that developers get the acoustic design right when building close to these venues. If they don’t, they could be liable to significant costs. Noise control measures such as noise barriers, acoustic glazing and acoustically upgraded ventilation are not uncommon treatments for buildings affected by noise from commercial uses and these treatments can be very expensive to implement retrospectively.

The proposals are being consulted on. We will keep you updated with the progress of any changes.

If you would like to discuss the AoC principle and how this may affect your development please call Adam Bamford on 01234 834773.

Agent of Change

Broadway Chambers Commissioning Underway

Cass Allen Associates have been busy with the Building Regulations Part E sound insulation testing of Telford’s Broadway Chambers development. The development in Stratford comprises  over 300 homes as well as ~12,000 sq ft of office space and 8,000 sq ft of retail space.

The testing of Block 1 offers views of the inviting communal terrace on the roof of Block 2, which also contains an acoustically treated rooftop plant area.


Broadway Chambers

Welcome aboard our new Office Manager

Cass Allen are pleased to announce the appointment of Carrie Roberio as our new Office Manager. Carrie comes from a wealth of knowledge and experience in a variety of sectors. Carrie’s main focus will be to ensure the day to day business operations run smoothly, whilst also offering support with Marketing, HR and Healthy & Safety.


Cass Allen assists St Ann’s Healthcare Campus development in Haringey

Cass Allen Associates has been appointed by Integrated Health Projects to provide acoustic design input for Stage 1 of the St Ann’s Healthcare Campus development, which comprises a new 74 bed/4 Ward mental healthcare facility.

We are to be involved from the principal design stages to ensure that the development is designed in accordance with the relevant Healthcare Technical Memorandums (HTM08-01), planning requirements and targeted BREEAM credits. We will be liaising closely with the wider design team to ensure all acoustic requirements are met in a cost effective and efficient manner.


St Ann's healthcare Campus

Noise Impact Assessment for Twinwoods Development in Bedfordshire

Cass Allen Associates have been providing acoustic design guidance for the Twinwoods Development site. This is a large-scale development in north Bedfordshire comprising up to 6000 new homes as well as a range of educational and commercial facilities.

The site contains the Red Bull Formula 1 wind tunnel test facility. There are a number of schools and dwellings proposed in close proximity to the facility and as such the noise impact of its operations require careful consideration.

We have produced a noise impact assessment for the site and are now in close negotiations with the Local Planning Authority in order to reach a mutually acceptable outcome for all stakeholders.

Twinwoods for Marcol & Bedfordia Group

One Tower Bridge Theatre receives sound protection upgrades

Part of the prestigious One Tower Bridge development, The Bridge Theatre opened to the public in October 2017. The theatre seats 900 and features flexible seating to accommodate each production.  Cass Allen were appointed by Berkeley Homes to assist in the acoustic design of the overall development. This was particularly challenging due to the presence of luxury apartments directly above the theatre. Through a combination of acoustic upgrades to the structure and installation of a floating floor we were able to successfully isolate the theatre from the apartments.


Theatre at One Tower Bridge, London

Wishing you a ‘quiet’ Christmas

We have put together a guide with some tips and tricks to ensure you get a quiet and peaceful Christmas break. Please click here to read the Cass Allen Guide to a ‘quiet’ Christmas.

We will be enjoying our peace and quiet from 5pm on Friday 22nd December until 9am on Tuesday 2nd January.

This year we have donated to Momentum, a very worthy charity that offers support to families during long term illnesses. If you would like more information about what they do or to donate yourself please click here.

May we take this opportunity to wish you a joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Development of historic London building for Berkeley Group

We are carrying out detailed acoustic design on the 9 Millbank and Ergon House development for St. Edwards Homes, a historic riverside property just 300m from the Houses of Parliament. The refurbishment of the Grade 2 listed 9 Millbank building requires careful consideration of external aesthetics whilst incorporating a high-performance acoustic façade to address city-centre environmental noise levels.


New Proton Therapy Centre in Kildare, Ireland

We are assessing the noise impact of a new proton therapy cancer treatment centre in Kildare, Ireland. The facility will form part of a large new commercial/retail development on a currently disused, derelict site.

Proton Therapy Centre

Ocean Village Development Nears Completion

Cass Allen will shortly begin the final acoustic testing of this exciting hotel project at Oceans Village in Southampton.

The hotel has 85 bedrooms, a spa with gym and swimming pool, along with a Jetty restaurant and luxurious rooftop bar. The ground floor is set to feature a large open plan lounge, restaurant, and bar, which will extend out onto a terrace at the end of the existing promontory. The hotel will also feature private moorings for its seafaring guests.

For more details of the hotel see

Ocean Village

New Mixed-use Scheme at Wick Lane, Fish Island

Cass Allen have been appointed by Taylor Wimpey to carry out the detailed acoustic design of this new mixed-use scheme comprising 175 residential units and several commercial units.

The development is on the site of the workshop of the artist Gavin Turk, who gained notoriety after his tutors at the Royal College of Art refused to award him his postgraduate degree. This decision was based on his graduation exhibition, which consisted of a whitewashed studio space containing a blue heritage plaque (of the kind normally found on historic buildings) commemorating his own presence as a sculptor, stating “Gavin Turk worked here, 1989-1991”. He has since produced various revered works including realistic bronze sculptures of everyday items, such as ‘Revolting Brick’ shown above. ‘Revolting brick’ in particular became famous after it was stolen and replaced with a 40p brick without anyone noticing.

The project is challenging as the development includes industrial units (B2 use class) located close to residential units. Cass Allen will be working closely with DRMM Architects to ensure high levels of acoustic separation are provided between the two areas.

Gavin Turk Brick

New Centre Parcs in Co Longford, Ireland

Cass Allen have been appointed by Centre Parcs Ireland, to advise on their new location in County Longford. Our involvement will focus on the acoustic design of the Apartments/Hotel, Spa and Subtropical Swimming Paradise Pool (pictured).

Center Parcs Longford forest

Residential Developments, Poundbury

Cass Allen have been appointed by ZeroC to advise on several large developments at Poundbury in Dorset, including the Queen Mother Square area shown in the Photograph. Poundbury is an experimental new town masterminded by the Prince of Wales. It poses interesting acoustic challenges due to the

classic architectural style combined with modern construction methods.


Royal Mint Gardens, London

Cass Allen has been appointed by Midgard to advise on the detailed acoustic design of this fantastic new £100M residential-led mixed use development in London E1.

The development comprises a crescent-shaped, thirteen-storey block containing 200 apartments, with retail and office space on the lower levels.

The development will be located directly above DLR and Network Rail railway lines. Consequently, the building structure will be fully isolated from the ground and railway lines using anti-vibration bearings in order to ensure that high-quality living environments are provided for the future occupants.

Royal Mint Buildings

Luton Town Centre Transportation Scheme

Cass Allen has been appointed by Luton Borough Council (LBC) assist them with their statutory obligations under the Noise Insulation Regulations (NIR) for the Luton Transportation Scheme. The project is valued at £9 million and forms a key part of the council’s vision for the future of Luton. It involved completing the town centre’s inner ring road and changing traffic circulation on the north side of the town centre. Cass Allen will carry out a peer review of previous acoustic work carried out by other consultants and create a 3D noise model to determine whether or not any existing dwellings will qualify for sound insulation entitlement under the NIR. We will then assist LBC in conducting noise surveys for eligible dwellings and recommend insulation works for eligible rooms.

Acoustic testing in Bavaria

Cass Allen consultants have been carrying out a series of tests working with the IFT Rosenheim laboratories near Munich. The photo shows tests in progress on two storeys of what will be an 87 storey residential tower under construction in London. The tests showed that the facade, which is currently being fabricated in China, achieve the stringent design criteria.

Acoustic testing at IFT Rosenheim, Bavaria

Residential Development at Bow Road, London E3

Quadrant Construction has appointed Cass Allen as Acoustics Consultants for their new development at Bow Road.

Located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, this project consists of the design and construction of 89 residential units. There will be four blocks distributed over 3 – 6 storeys.

Cass Allen is giving detailed acoustics design advice on all aspects of the scheme.  This includes the design of external facades, internal partitions and mechanical plant. We will also be carrying out pre-completion Part E sound insulation testing at the end of the project.

Bow Road 200px

Acoustic Design – Film Screening Room

Cass Allen is advising Berkeley Homes and architects CJCT Studios on a film screening room and business lounge as part of our ongoing involvement in the residential development of Kingston Gas Works.  Due to these amenity spaces being adjacent to new apartments, it was crucial to establish the precise client requirements through a detailed consultation process.

We then designed  a solution to maximise the use and flexibility of the space. In this case we adopted a “room within a room” construction so that the screening room is acoustically isolated on all sides from the surrounding structure.

kingston gas works

New Faces at Cass Allen

Our consultant team is expanding due to a steady increase in business.

Jonathan Kay has joined us from Capita where he gained excellent experience on large infrastructure and educational projects.  Jonathan has a First Class degree from the University  of Salford and is an associate member of the Institute of Acoustics (AMIOA). Like many of our acousticians, Jonathan has a musical bent, playing guitar and writing music in his free time.

Alex Clark has joined us as a graduate entrant direct from university.  Alex has a 2:1 degree in Acoustical Engineering from Southampton University.  An associate member of the Institute of Acoustics (AMIOA), he too has musical skills, playing the drums.  He also has gourmet tendencies, enjoying cooking outside work.

Jonathan Kay & Alex Clark

Planning Application – Parachuting From Hot Air Balloons

Cass Allen are helping an extreme sports group with an unusual planning application at Chatteris Airfield.

J & J Design and the Skydive Chatteris Club Ltd required a noise assessment to help amend a planning condition that restricted their operating hours. Extreme sports lovers will be delighted as the condition was successfully modified to allow parachuting from hot air balloons outside of the restricted hours whilst still limiting the risk of disturbance to local residents.


Mixed-Use Residential Led Development

Colmore Tang has appointed Cass Allen as acoustic consultants for their St. George’s Urban Village development in Birmingham.

Cass Allen are giving detailed acoustic design advice on all aspects of the scheme including a noise-related planning condition that has been imposed on the development,  Part E residential design review and will also be carrying out pre-completion Part E sound insulation testing.

The design of the north-eastern corner of the development is particularly challenging due to noise breakout from an existing adjacent industrial unit.

Commercial & Residential Mixed-Use Development

CPD Architecture instructed Cass Allen to assess the acoustic requirements of this proposed development in the centre of Luton.

The scheme was acoustically challenging due to the number of busy roads surrounding the development as well as the adjacent casino which hosts live music events.

Cass Allen advised a robust acoustic solution to deal with the surrounding noise sources to ensure that good quality noise environments are achieved in the habitable areas of the development.

Fitness Franchises Throughout the UK

Over the years Cass Allen has been commissioned to give acoustic design advice on many large-scale mixed-use developments that feature gyms.

Due to our expertise in this area, Anytime Fitness has appointed us as approved acoustic consultant of design advice for their franchises throughout the UK.

We have been carrying out airborne and structure borne sound insulation assessments to assist in developing a tailored, cost effective scheme of mitigation to control levels of noise ingress into the noise sensitive premises surrounding these gyms.

The `50 Greatest Mozart Recordings’

We are delighted to discover that our recent Deutsche Grammophon Recording has been included as one of `The 50 greatest Mozart recordings’ – as selected by Gramophone Magazine.

“It is a sure sign of the greatness of Mozart’s music that it has proved so ripe for re-interpretation and discovery by every generation of musicians for 250 years. In the list below we have gathered 50 of the finest recordings of Mozart’s music – Gramophone Award-winning albums, Recordings of the Month and Editor’s Choice discs, from Dennis Brain and George Szell to Arabella Steinbacher and the Jussen brothers”

Residential Development Adjacent to Working Farm

Cass Allen has been instructed by Landcrest Developments Ltd to provide acoustic consultancy design advice to support a planning application for this proposed development.

We have carried out noise surveys and an assessment to determine the suitability of this residential scheme due to noise emissions associated with the adjacent agricultural farm.

Transformer Noise at Wiggin Hill Solar Farm

Cass Allen has been instructed by Arbus Ltd to investigate remedial measures following complaints from nearby residents due to noise from the transformers of this solar farm.

We carried out onsite testing and observations then provided a series of noise mitigation measures to reduce noise impact of the transformers.

Symphony Hall Recording

We have just completed three days of recording sessions in Symphony Hall, Birmingham with the CBSO and Francesca Dego. Symphony Hall is renowned for the quality of the acoustics and we are delighted with the sound quality that we were able to achieve. The disc of violin concerti by Paganini and Wolf-Ferrari will be released on Deutsche Grammophon late in 2017.

Redevelopment of Former Swimming Baths

Quadrant Construction has instructed Cass Allen as acoustic consultants for this redevelopment which forms part of the Erith Riverside Conservation Area and Erith Western Gateway Masterplan.

The site, originally the historical Erith Riverside swimming baths until 2009, will become a residential-led mixed use development offering 71 homes with a new commercial unit for retail or community use.

Cass Allen are helping advise the design team to ensure that acceptable noise environments are provided for future residents.

Greenfield Residential Development In Cambridge

Cass Allen has recently carried out a noise impact assessment for a proposed greenfield residential development on behalf of Hill Partnership.

The 162-home site is located in a mixed-use area bound by South Cambridge Business Park and Babraham Road.

The aim of the investigation was to assess the impact of road traffic noise generated at Babraham Road and also noise from the business park on the future proposed development. The assessment was carried out in accordance with BS8233 and BS4142 using a 3D noise model.

Commercial Development Above Thameslink Station

Cass Allen is delighted to be working on this development for Equate Design on behalf of Network Rail.

We have carried out an assessment of existing noise and vibration levels at the site (including airborne noise, structure-borne noise and ground-borne vibration) to inform the design of a proposed commercial development built in place of the existing station and over the top of the existing railway lines.

The image to the right shows one of our consultants measuring ground-borne noise and vibration at the site.

Mixed-Use Development on Fish Island

Quadrant Construction has commissioned Cass Allen as acoustic consultants for this residential-led mixed use scheme on Fish Island which is located next to the River Lee facing the Olympic Stadium.

Seven buildings will provide 202 residential units with commercial areas for the well-known creative businesses of the island.

Cass Allen will be helping to ensure that high quality noise environments are provided for future residents.

City North Mixed-Use Development

Cass Allen has been instructed by Telford Homes to provide acoustic design advice for this mixed-use City North development, due to complete in 2020.

The scheme is adjacent to Finsbury Park Station and comprises 355 apartments, retail, leisure and office space within two 23 storey towers which are linked by a 12 storey terrace building.

Our role is to provide detailed design advice to ensure that acceptable environments are provided for future occupants of the scheme, in accordance with noise related planning conditions and to provide advice on Approved Document E compliance.

Regeneration of Former Coach Depot

Cass Allen has been appointed by Taylor Wimpey to act as Acoustic Consultants on the redevelopment of a former coach depot in Brixton.

The development will provide 71 new homes and commercial ground floor space on an existing brownfield site. The three buildings, ranging from 5 to 8 storeys high, will be bound on the north by a railway viaduct on which South Eastern Trains runs.  The arches under the viaduct maybe used for commercial use in the future.

Our role will be to provide detailed acoustic design advice to ensure that high quality environments are provided for future residents. We look forward to working with Taylor Wimpey on this exciting project.

Mixed-Use Development in Tower Hamlets

We have been appointed by Hill Partnership to provide acoustical design guidance for their regeneration scheme at Blackwall Reach in Tower Hamlets.

This phase of the project will result in the development of 242 new homes, a new public square and commercial units. One of the buildings also contains a large energy centre. As part of our role we will be providing detailed noise mitigation advice for the design of the energy centre to ensure that noise and vibration emissions do not disturb new and existing sensitive receptors in the area.

Paediatric Accident and Emergency Unit Extension

Jarvis Contracting Ltd appointed Cass Allen to provide acoustic design guidance for the expansion of the Paediatric Accident and Emergency unit at Hillingdon Hospital.

The new purpose-built extension will provide a bedded paediatric assessment unit including a high dependency unit and a single bed critical care room.

Cass Allen provided guidance to ensure the design was fully compliant with the requirements of Heath Technical Memorandum 08-01: Acoustics; a document developed by the NHS which details the acoustic requirements for healthcare buildings. This involved working alongside the design team providing guidance relating to the construction of the building envelope, noise transmission between spaces within the extension, reverberation control and noise from building services.

Long-Term Vibration Compliance Monitoring in Lambeth

Donban Contracting has instructed Cass Allen to provide long-term vibration compliance monitoring during ground works associated with the construction of this new residential development in Lambeth.

The development is a combination of one and two bedroom flats on Juxton and Sail Street. The monitoring is being carried out as part of contractual obligations imposed due to the close proximity of an existing commercial operator.

Residential Led Mixed Use Development in East London

Telford Homes Plc has commissioned Cass Allen to act as acoustic consultants for the redevelopment of this site on Carmen Street.

The development will transform the brownfield site into 206 dwellings with a landmark 22-storey tower and a nursery.

The site is adjacent to Langdon Park DLR Station and as part of the work Cass Allen will be carrying out detailed ground-borne noise and vibration measurements to assess and predict structure-borne noise and vibration in the finished development.

Construction Work Has Started at South Quay Plaza

Construction work at South Quay Plaza is well underway. The current buildings have been demolished making way for the construction of the largest skyscraper of this development which stands at 73-storeys.

Having prepared and completed the Noise and Vibration chapter of the Environmental impact Assessment, Cass Allen are now carrying out detailed acoustic design for the project which is due to complete in 2020.

From Footy to Verdi

In a rare departure from their normal acoustics duties, Patrick, Sam and Tim spent a couple of days providing sound and film services for a short documentary ‘From Footy to Verdi’. The film follows three hardened Chelsea fans as they are taken from the comfort of Stamford Bridge to the unfamiliar surroundings of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. The press release continues…

“I said to the lads on the building site, look, I’m going to the opera, and they were like, leave it out!”

So says Harry the Greek, one of three stars of the short film From Footy to Verdi, released today. The brainchild of Opera Holland Park’s General Director Michael Volpe – a life-long Chelsea fan himself – the documentary challenges stereotypes about theatrical art forms, in particular opera, and their audiences. Three old-school Chelsea fans in their 50s, two of whom could scarcely imagine a more alien world than classical music, were taken on a journey to discover opera, and their reactions were filmed every step of the way.

We first meet Adam, Harry and Rob (L to R in the picture) at the pub over a few beers, chatting about their lives and loves – principally football and the music, culture and fashion surrounding it. The film then follows them to a chorus rehearsal at The Royal Opera House, meeting some of the singers, and culminating in a performance of La traviata there. Some remarkable things began to happen to even the most resistant of the group quite early in the journey, as the film reveals. It’s a moving documentary that’s as much about life, friendships and ageing as it is about opera.

View the film here

Former Goods Shed To Become An Arts Centre

The Tetbury Rail Lands Trust and Tetbury Town Council are working in conjunction to convert a redundant Goods Shed into an Arts Centre.

This will be a multi-functional space for a cinema, performances and exhibitions with a mezzanine viewing gallery. The stage will be made up of part of the old railway platform and GWR railway carriages are being used as workshops and studio space behind the centre.

Cass Allen are advising on reverberation treatment within the event space in order to provide suitable acoustic environments for the proposed uses. This is particularly challenging in this instance due to the wide range of possible uses.

Large Mixed-Use Development in Barking

After a successful planning application, for which Cass Allen provided the outline site noise survey, Cass Allen has been appointed by Swan Housing to provide ongoing acoustic design guidance and support for the residential-led development in the heart of Barking. The site is acoustically complex due to its proximity to Barking Railway Station and the busy Cambridge Road bus route.

Cass Allen will be assisting in discharging noise related planning conditions on the site as well as providing guidance to achieve appropriate internal partition design. This will be done through a combination of computer noise modelling and proprietary calculation software.

Biodiesel Generator Arrays – Ellough, Suffolk

Cass Allen provided acoustic data and assessments to accompany the recent application to install 46 biodiesel generators alongside an existing solar farm. The generators will act as a short-term emergency back-up for the UK power grid.

Through a combination of 3D noise modelling, direct Council liaison and acoustic mitigation strategy assessment, a scheme compliant with Council criteria was achieved and the development was recently granted permission for installation.

Wetherspoon Hotel Development

Cass Allen’s long-standing relationship with J D Wetherspoon continues with the re-development of this Grade Two listed hotel in Northolt.

Our role was to discharge planning conditions relating to internal acoustic separation and mechanical plant.

New Pallet Distribution Centre

Cass Allen has been appointed to assess noise related aspects of a new pallet distribution centre at Deans Farm, near Leighton Buzzard.

The new development will replace derelict agricultural buildings with the expansion of a business that has strong ties to the local community. We have been able to call on our previous experience of similar sites and archive of noise data to assist the planning application for this site.

Battersea Exchange Mixed-Use Development

Having provided detailed design advice for the entirety of the first phase of Battersea Exchange, Cass Allen are proud to have been appointed by Taylor Wimpey to provide further guidance in the design of Block A; the largest building in phase 2 of the development which, at 17 storeys high, is expected to become a key landmark in the local area.

In keeping with the overall quality of the development, Block A is being designed so that high quality acoustic environments are provided for residents. Cass Allen will be working closely with the design team to ensure all the design criteria and planning requirements are met. As well as assessing noise ingress via the external façade, sound insulation between internal spaces and plant noise from the development, Cass Allen will also be investigating noise and vibration issues related to architectural terracotta baguettes mounted on the building façade.

Newbury Racecourse – Large Scale Residential Development

Cass Allen are working on the detailed acoustic design of a new large-scale residential development adjacent to the Newbury Racecourse. Cass Allen are co-ordinating with Midgard throughout the detailed design and construction phases to ensure that the development complies with all relevant acoustic requirements.

Wheatstone House, Hounslow – Detailed Acoustic Design

Cass Allen has been instructed by Quadrant Construction to assist with the detailed acoustic design of this new large-scale housing development in Hounslow.

The project is located near to the Chiswick Roundabout and an elevated section of the M4 motorway. Consequently, noise levels at the site are relatively high. Cass Allen will be working closely with the design team to ensure that good quality noise environments are achieved in the habitable areas of the development.

Cambridge Triangle Project – Construction Noise and Vibration Monitoring

Cass Allen has been appointed by Bouygues UK to provide long-term noise and vibration monitoring during the construction of Cambridge Assessments’ new headquarter in Cambridge. The project is known as ‘The Triangle’. The purpose of the monitoring is to help Bouygues UK manage noise and vibration emissions from the works, specifically to minimise the impact on nearby residents and ensure that the works do not cause any damage to the adjacent Cambridge Busway. The monitoring will be carried out over a period of around 20 months. The progress of the construction works can be seen here.


Apartment Development in Borehamwood

Taylor Wimpey North Thames has appointed Cass Allen as acoustic consultants for this redevelopment project. The project is part of the Elstree Way Corridor Action Plan. The existing office building will be demolished and replaced by an 88 unit apartment block.

The site is bordered to the north by the A5135 Elstree Way, which provides direct links to Borehamwood town centre and railway station.

Cass Allen has been appointed to advise on the design of the development for compliance with Building Regulations and to ensure that high quality acoustic environments are provided for future residents. As always, Cass Allen will be providing guidance on any value engineering opportunities to minimise material and/or labour costs.

New Baptist Church, Children’s Library and Residential Development

Allenbuild Ltd has appointed Cass Allen as acoustic consultants for this development at Westbourne Park Baptist Church, within the City of Westminster.

The mixed-use development comprises new accommodation for the existing church, a new premises for the Paddington Children’s Library on ground and lower ground floors and residential apartments at elevated floor levels.

The existing site is located at the corner of Porchester Road and Westbourne Park Villas. Immediately to the North is the mainline into Paddington Train Station and the A40 Westway, a busy trunk road. To the South and West are existing residential areas.

One of the key acoustic considerations is to safeguard the future residential amenity from noise activities associated with the church. We are also providing acoustics design advice in relation to discharging noise & vibration related planning conditions, a BREEAM assessment of the new church and library, assessing the design for Building Regulations Part E compliance and finally pre-completion sound insulation testing of the development.

Mixed Commercial and Residential Development in Wandsworth

Cass Allen Associates has been instructed by Taylor Wimpey to provide acoustic design support for a new mixed-use development in Wandsworth.

Three 10-storey blocks, linked at ground and first floor levels, will be developed on an existing brownfield site in close proximity to a busy railway line.

The development will have commercial floor space within 4 commercial units at ground floor level, car parking at first floor level, and 85 apartments on the upper eight storeys with a mixture of balconies and winter gardens.

The key design challenge for the development is to achieve high quality noise and vibration environments in the residential units closest to the railway, which is only a few metres away at its closest point.

K1 Cohousing Collaboration Development in Cambridge

TOWNhus has appointed Cass Allen to provide detailed acoustic planning, design and construction advice for this unique and progressive cohousing project in Cambridge.

What is particularly interesting about this project is that future residents will be assisting with the design of their own properties.

The development comprises the construction of 40 environmentally-friendly properties on a 2-acre site north of Cambridge City Centre. The centrepiece of the development will be a Common House; a multi-functional building with shared community facilities.

Following Cohousing design principles, Cass Allen will provide input to ensure building regulations compliance and to assist with the achievement of Code for Sustainable Homes; Level 4.

New Theatre at One Tower Bridge

Plans for a 900-seat theatre next to Potters Fields Park have been announced by former National Theatre bosses Sir Nicholas Hytner and Nick Starr who stated “This will be our flagship, opening in spring 2017 – the only central London commercial theatre of scale not in the historic West End.

Cass Allen are advising Berkeley Homes on integrating the theatre into their surrounding One Tower Bridge development ensuring suitable acoustics for both theatre-goers and residents.

Construction Works at Heathrow Airport

Cass Allen Associates are advising Balfour Beatty on minimising the effects of construction noise at Heathrow Terminal 4. The work is needed to enhance retail and customer facilities at the terminal but is complicated by the close proximity of a 24 hour hotel and other noise sensitive uses that need to operate throughout the construction period.

Our scope included close liaison with the project team and Heathrow Technical Services, carrying out pre-commencement acoustic tests within the hotel building and the nearby development areas. A combination of loudspeakers and construction noise sources were used during the tests and practical mitigation recommendations made based on the findings.

New Deutsche Grammophon Recording with Legendary Team

Cass Allen has just recorded the Mozart double piano concerti KV242 and KV365 with the legendary pairing of Sir Neville Marriner and the Academy of St Martin in the Fields. Sir Neville, who is the most recorded conductor in musical history, first recorded these works for Phillips back in the 1980s with Alfred Brendel and Imogen Cooper. The soloists this time around were the Dutch rising stars Lucas and Arthur Jussen. The recording was made in Watford Colosseum, which is world renowned for its acoustic qualities and along with countless orchestral CDs has been used to record the soundtracks of Lord of the Rings, The Sound of Music and Star Wars. A short behind-the-scenes video of the recording session can be seen here – full marks to Tim Coombes for stealing the scene with his piano counting in the background….

Residential Redevelopment in Colliers Wood

Quadrant Construction has instructed Cass Allen Associates to provide acoustic design advice for this residential development in Colliers Wood. The 48 property scheme is a mixture of three and four storey houses and flats, due to complete in February 2017.

Cass Allen will provide consultancy services from the initial planning stage through to post-completion testing in order to achieve Code for Sustainable Homes credits.
Advanced 3D modelling will be used to predict the spread of noise around the site and to aid in the acoustic design of the external facades.

Large Mixed-Use Development

Bellway Homes has instructed Cass Allen to provide acoustic design advice for this large mixed-use development in the Bracknell Forest Borough. The site has planning permission for 380 residential units and a one form entry primary school (shown to the right). The area also includes open space, landscaping and Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace.

Cass Allen is providing the design team with acoustic guidance for the façades of the residential units and complete design advice for the new primary school in accordance with BB93 which was updated at the beginning of this year.

Regional Winner of `Best Educational Building’ Award

Fareham College’s Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Advanced Skills Training (CEMAST) has been awarded `Best Educational Building’ at the South East Building Excellence Awards 2015.

Run by the Local Authority Building Control, these awards recognise the success of exceptional buildings and acknowledge the best design and construction in the region.

Cass Allen are proud to have been part of this project providing Bouygues UK and Perkins Ogden Architects with acoustic design guidance for this new skills college.

Associate Director Chris McNeillie said “We really enjoyed working on this exciting project. The acoustic design was challenging due to the location of the building (on the edge of an active airfield) and the types of specialist engineering activities that are carried out in the workshop areas. We’re delighted that Bouygues UK and Perkins Ogden Architects have won this award and we were pleased to receive positive feedback on the acoustic design. I’ve got no doubt the students and staff will enjoy the building and engineering facilities”.

Mixed-Use Redevelopment Including Residential Units, a Primary School and Mosque

Telford Homes has instructed Cass Allen Associates to act as acoustic consultants for this exciting mixed-use redevelopment on St Paul’s Way in Tower Hamlets.

The existing buildings on the site will be demolished and replaced with new primary school buildings, a nursery, a two-storey mosque and 3 residential blocks providing 109 new dwellings. There will also be a new ball court and children’s play area incorporated in the scheme.

A key challenge of the project will be to ensure that noise and vibration from construction activities associated with later phases of the development will not adversely impact users of buildings built in earlier phases.

Residential Led Redevelopment of Former CTRL Construction Site

Cass Allen has been instructed by Telford Homes to provide detailed acoustic design advice for this development on Caledonian Road. The development will incorporate 156 residential apartments, a single commercial unit and ancillary plant space with an energy centre. Cass Allen will be carrying out noise and vibration monitoring and 3D computer modelling to inform the design of the development.

The site sits alongside a London Overground line and directly above CTRL tunnels that form part of HS1. As part of our scope we will be carrying out a detailed assessment of ground-borne vibration emissions from the railways to ensure that acceptable vibration levels are achieved within the future residential units. Specialist anti-vibration treatments may be required in the design of the development foundations if the assessment shows that vibration levels at the site are very high.

Further expansion for Cass Allen

Associate Director Chris McNeillie said “We are very pleased that Alex Young, Fabio Lassandro and Neil Morgan have chosen to join the team. They have already settled in well and are helping us ensure that we continue to deliver a responsive service to our clients during this period of sustained growth”

Success at planning appeal for Rainham KFC

We have advised on many fast food and drive-through restaurants over the years to assist clients with obtaining planning permission. Many of these sites are located close to existing dwellings and so can be controversial with residents. Our role has been to assess the noise impact on local residents, design mitigation where required and provide expert testimony at public inquiries. Our most recent success was at Rainham in Essex where we defended our view at public inquiry that the noise impact of a proposed KFC drive-through would be acceptable. We have just heard that the Inspector accepted our view and granted planning permission for the scheme.

New Television Studio

Cass Allen is working for Gamesys advising their design team on acoustic design requirements for a new television studio in Wimbledon.

The project is acoustically challenging as the studio is located above a tube line, under a flight path and next to a busy main road.

The scope of work is to provide on-going design advice on sound insulation of the studio, as well as control of reverberation and speech intelligibility to ensure that the existing building is suitable for TV production.

Instruction for Battersea Exchange Development

Cass Allen look forward to working with Midgard on another exciting development in London. Our role will be to support Midgard in the detailed design of the project.

The development includes a school, commercial units, a gym, a rooftop MUGA area and a large number of high-value residential properties.

Detailed advice will be given to ensure that high quality acoustic environments are achieved in the various parts of the development. The school will be designed in accordance with the acoustic requirements of BB93. The residential units will have acoustically upgraded wall and floor constructions.

A key challenge of the project is to ensure that noise generating areas within the development (e.g. the gym, MUGA area etc) do not disturb noise sensitive areas (e.g. residential units, classrooms etc).

Scriabin Centenary Recordings for Decca Classics

Cass Allen have recently recorded 2 CDs with the Russian pianist Valentina Lisitsa.

The recording took place over three days in the Britten Studio at Snape Maltings.  The completed discs will form part of the complete Scriabin Piano works shortly to be released on the Decca Classics label.

Kew Bridge West Development

St James, part of the Berkeley Group, have instructed Cass Allen Associates to provide detailed acoustic design advice through the design and construction stages of this exciting new development.

The development is located on Kew Bridge Road, in Brentford, opposite the River Thames. It will consist of three residential blocks housing 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments and underground parking.

Urban Regeneration in Digbeth

Colmore Tang Construction has instructed Cass Allen Associates as acoustic consultants to discharge noise related planning conditions, provide building acoustics advice and pre-completion testing for the redevelopment of the former Harrison Drape curtain factory in Digbeth.

The two acre site is being redeveloped into a residential-led mixed-use complex and will comprise 313 apartments and a 2,240 sq ft retail unit with associated infrastructure, parking and landscaping.

The original façade of the former Harrison Drape building will be retained and extended as part of the refurbishment and three new buildings will also be erected.

Cellar Multimedia Centre at Stowe House

Cass Allen Associates has been commissioned to give acoustic design advice for an exhibition on behalf of the Stowe Preservation Trust.

This multimedia exhibition is being created in the cellar of Stowe House which is a Grade I listed country house, also home of Stowe School. The exhibition will tell the history of the family and estate using three audio-visual `Talking Portraits’ which will run simultaneously.

The existing cellar has highly acoustically reflective room surfaces and has high reverberation levels. By generating a 3D noise model, Cass Allen will design the speaker placement and required acoustic absorption into the cellar in order to reduce the reverberation levels and achieve optimum listening conditions for visitors of the exhibition.

Residential Led Mixed-Use Development – Colliers Wood

Quadrant Construction has instructed Cass Allen Associates to provide acoustical advice throughout the design of this mixed-use development in the London Borough of Merton.

Cass Allen will provide consultancy services from the initial planning stage through to post-completion testing in order to achieve Code for Sustainable Homes credits for the residential aspect of the development and BREEAM credits for the commercial units.

Advanced 3D modelling of the site and surrounding noise sources will be used to predict the spread of noise around the site and to aid in the acoustic design of the external facades.

Mixed-Use Development – Phase 1

Telford Homes have instructed Cass Allen Associates to provide the design team with acoustical advice during Phase 1 of this mixed-use development in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

The first phase of this three phase development consists of 170 residential units, 5 light industrial units and 8 office units. Cass Allen’s advice will input into the acoustic design of the buildings and also will carry out sound testing to achieve Code for Sustainable Homes credits for the residential aspect of the development and BREEAM credits for the commercial units.

The site is bounded on two sides by the DLR and to the south by the A1261, a very busy thoroughfare through the Docklands. Advanced 3D modelling of the site and surrounding noise sources is being used to predict the spread of noise around the site and aid in the acoustic design of the development.

Anglia Ruskin University – Sports Ground and Pavilion

Cass Allen has been instructed by Bishop Hall Properties Ltd to assess the noise impact for the modernisation of the Anglia Ruskin Sports Ground and Pavilion on Howes Close, Cambridge.

The redeveloped site will include two additional floodlit `all-weather’ hockey and football pitches and a new pavilion with visitors parking.

In accordance with the relevant local and national planning guidance, Cass Allen will be advising on the acoustic treatments of the artificial pitches and the specification of treatments to reduce noise from ball impacts affecting existing and future residential sensitive receptors in the area.

A Dramatic Change to the Skyline of Stratford as Olympian Tower Nears Completion

Since 2012 we have been advising Telford Homes on discharging related planning conditions for this impressive 26 storey multi-use tower. The tower consists of retail use at ground floor level, 5 storeys of office space and 260 residential apartments over 20 storeys with private winter gardens.

With the tower being located adjacent to Stratford railway station and bus station, our role was to advise on the high performance design of the curved layered façade of glass and metalwork sleeve to achieve the appropriate planning conditions.

We also advised on BREEAM requirements for the commercial units and the internal design of the apartments ensuring that appropriate levels of acoustic separation was achieved between units.

Ocean Village – Southampton

Cass Allen has been instructed by Bouygues UK to provide acoustic design advice for this flag ship development at Southampton’s Ocean Village Marina.

The development adds a new residential-led building and new hotel building adjacent to Bouygues UK’s Admiral’s Quay development at the marina.

The work we are undertaking is primarily to assist with the discharge of noise-related planning conditions. However, we are also providing advice to help Bouygues UK deliver high quality acoustic environments for the future building users.

As part of the work, a detailed 3D computer noise model of the development has been utilised as shown in the image to the right.

Mixed Use Residential-Educational Development in Rotherhithe

Cass Allen are providing Telford Homes with acoustical input to the design of a 19 storey mixed-use development comprising a primary school, secondary school and 6th Form college on the lower floors with residential dwellings above.

Our role is to aid in discharging a number of noise and vibration related planning conditions attached to the development. These include building envelope design as well as developing mitigation against the noise impact of the students at the site on residents above.

Apartment Block – First Phase of Ruskin Square Development

Cass Allen Associates has been instructed by Midgard Ltd to assess the acoustic design of this apartment block, which rises from 9 to 20-storeys and is part of the first phase of the £500m development at Ruskin Square in Croydon.

An Environmental Impact Assessment showed that noise levels at the site are dictated by the adjacent East Croydon railway line and traffic on surrounding roads. We are currently advising on the acoustic design of the external envelope of the building before moving on to address the internal acoustics of Phase 1.

The United Synagogue – Bushey Cemetery

Cass Allen were instructed to acoustically design the four prayer halls at the new synagogue site in Bushey.

The project was particularly challenging due to the highly acoustically reflective internal finishes required in the construction of the halls and limited scope for acoustical solutions.

In order to control excessive reverberation within the halls, Cass Allen designed a bespoke system integrated into the proposed finishes themselves that provided an invisible, yet effective, solution.

New Mineral Extraction Quarry – Bedfordshire

Hope Construction Materials instructed Cass Allen to carry out ongoing noise monitoring around their new mineral extraction quarry in Bedfordshire.

Measurements are taken of noise emissions generated by all quarry operations to ensure the relevant planning conditions are being complied with at nearby noise sensitive locations.

New School and Residential Development in Hackney

Cass Allen are advising on a unique mixed-use residential/school development in Hackney on behalf of Telford Homes and the London Diocesan Board for Schools.

The proposal comprises a school at ground and first floors, a second floor open-air multi-use games area. With 100 residential flats stacked above the school facility.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson commenting on the scheme said: “The design for the redevelopment of Holy Trinity School is pioneering and cleverly tackles the need to provide more housing and more primary school places.”

New Care Home – Dukeminster Estate

Cass Allen are advising ISG on the acoustic design and construction of this new £4.7 million 75-bed care home development.

The site is located close to numerous transportation routes, including the new Luton & Dunstable Busway, and Cass Allen are providing design guidance to ensure that the noise-sensitive internal environments are acoustically suitable and meet relevant acoustic performance standards.

In addition, the care home will be served by a significant amount of internal and external machinery and Cass Allen are working with the design team to ensure that noise and vibration generated by equipment will not disturb residents of the care home or other noise-sensitive premises in the area.

Genome Campus – Wellcome Trust

Cass Allen Associates are providing R G Carter with acoustic design guidance for the integration of this £9.7m development at the Wellcome Trust Conference Centre near Cambridge.

The completed refurbishment and extension will offer conference delegates, students and staff mixed-use areas including a new exhibition centre, auditorium, pavilion and orchard.

The project will be enclosed under a glass domed roof and during the process we will advise on sound insulation and reverberation control design to achieve appropriate acoustic performance standards throughout the rooms of the remodelled areas.

New Performing Arts Centre – London

Cass Allen are advising Allenbuild and Sprunt Architects on the acoustic design of an ambitious project in the heart of Hammersmith. The auditorium will take up the ground and first floors of the building, with five floors of residential units constructed above. To prevent noise and vibration from the auditorium disturbing the new residents, the auditorium is structurally isolated from the residential units at first floor level. The design is further complicated due to high traffic noise levels in the area.

Residential Led Mixed-Use Development – South Quay Plaza

Cass Allen Associates has been instructed by Berkeley Homes to undertake a formal Environmental Impact Assessment as part of the redevelopment and revitalisation of South Quay Plaza in Docklands.

Two commercial structures will be replaced with residential towers of 46 and 73 storeys with ground floors housing cafes, restaurants, bars and other leisure uses. The site is acoustically complex due to noise generated by the DLR running immediately to the south of the site.

Cass Allen’s role is to prepare the Noise and Vibration chapter of the EIA, covering: internal noise levels inside the finished development and noise due to construction, traffic and plant. We will then be moving on to detailed acoustic design in preparation for the construction phase.

Crowne Plaza Hotel – Albert Embankment, London

Cass Allen Associates has been instructed to provide acoustic design guidance for this new hotel on the Southside of the River Thames, part of the regeneration of the Lambeth area.

This prominently located 16 storey hotel will offer 136 rooms, guest restaurant, lounge bar, spa and meeting facilities.

Cass Allen are advising the client throughout the planning, design and construction periods to ensure that the stringent brand standards required for Crowne Plaza Hotels are achieved.

Acoustics Team Expansion

Adam Bamford has joined the acoustics team after 6 years experience with Peter Brett Associates, including handling the acoustics for large projects such as Thames Tideway Tunnel. He graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Natural Sciences (1st Class) from Lancaster University and also holds a post-graduate Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control from the UK Institute of Acoustics (IOA). Adam’s previous experience includes environmental noise and vibration assessments and stakeholder engagement for residential, commercial and industrial developments for both public and private sector clients.

Residential Development – Limeharbour, London

Telford Homes have instructed Cass Allen to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment for a 28-storey residential building in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

The main acoustic consideration is the noise impact from the Docklands Light Railway running next to the building.

Using 3D environmental noise modelling software, Cass Allen are advising on the appropriate acoustic design measures to achieve planning permission for Telford Homes and acceptable noise levels for future residents.

New Residential Tower – Stratford, London

Cass Allen are acting on behalf of Telford Homes Plc to assess the acoustical design of this interesting 33-storey residential building, accommodating 182 dwellings including an ancillary resident’s gym.

This site is located within a mixed-use area and will be acoustically challenging as it sits between Stratford Railway and the Great Eastern Road. Cass Allen will advise throughout this project to ensure that the internal noise levels in all habitable rooms achieve local authority criteria.

Yacht Hotel, Royal Victoria Dock

Cass Allen Associates has been instructed by ISS Facility Services to carry out an acoustic assessment for this yacht hotel in Royal Victoria Dock, next to the ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre.

The yacht will house 153 cabins and, as part of the planning process, Cass Allen are using advanced 3D computer noise modelling to assess and help mitigate the impact of operational noise from the yacht on the surrounding residents.

Primary School Extension – Teddington

Cass Allen are providing Morgan Sindall with acoustic design guidance for a 2-storey extension at Hampton Wick Primary School in Teddington.

The expansion comprises 6 classrooms, 6 group rooms, a library, an extension of an existing hall/gymnasium and ancillary areas.

Using a 3D noise model of the new extension and surrounding area, Cass Allen assessed the design to ensure internal ambient noise levels will be achieved to satisfy BB93 (the acoustic design of schools) and Part E requirements. An external mechanical plant noise impact assessment was also carried out to ensure noise emission levels will not disturb school users and nearby residents.

Campus Expansion – Fareham College

Cass Allen Associates has been instructed by Bouygues UK to advise on the acoustic design of a new two-storey teaching block at the Bishopsfield Road Campus of Fareham College.

The new accommodation will include a professional quality studio theatre, dance studio and also music and media studios with music rehearsal and recording facilities.

City Forum, London

Berkeley Homes (Capital) plc have appointed Cass Allen to act as acoustics consultants on this exciting scheme working alongside architects Foster & Partners.

This large mixed-use scheme comprises nine blocks around a central park with public and courtyard gardens. As well as retail and commercial uses, the design includes a hotel and two residential towers rising above the frontage to City Road.

The project is currently at the planning stage with Cass Allen continuing to advise long-term detailed acoustic design through to completion.  The programme will span over a period of circa 20 years due to the complexity of land acquisition and phasing arrangements.

Westminster Abbey

Earlier this month, Cass Allen were commissioned to use their performing arts recording expertise at Westminster Abbey, capturing the Kristallnacht 75th Anniversary Service.

Kristallnacht, or the Night of Broken Glass, is the name given to what was, in effect, the start of the Holocaust. On this night a series of attacks were carried out against the Jews by the Nazi regime.  They shattered windows of Jewish-owned buildings, stores and synagogues as they rampaged through Jewish districts in Germany.

The service included readings by Holocaust survivors and a newly commissioned choral work by Cecilia McDowall.

Patrick Allen managed the project and utilised his knowledge of room acoustics to overcome the extreme reverberation created within this challenging, yet spectacular, venue.

Cancer Research UK – Cambridge

Cass Allen are advising R G Carter on the acoustic design of the fit out of this leading Cancer Research Institute. A key requirement of the project will be to avoid any disruption to existing research during the works. This will be achieved through a combination of noise and vibration monitoring, computer modelling and data analysis to achieve cost effective and practical solutions.

One Tower Bridge, London

We have been advising Berkeley Homes (Capital) on their prestigious One Tower Bridge development. Nestling between City Hall and Tower Bridge, the development consists of nine blocks of residential, commercial and retail space. Our role includes negotiating planning conditions with the council, discharging noise-related planning conditions and designing the internal acoustics of all of the blocks.

One Tower Bridge

Noise emissions from waste transfer station

Cass Allen have been carrying out detailed noise monitoring to assess noise emissions from a commercial waste transfer centre affecting a nearby residential development.

The waste transfer centre is located on a working wharf on the Isle of Dogs and is the primary facility of its type utilised by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. It was necessary to establish a detailed understanding of operations at the waste transfer centre, particularly as noise emissions from the site vary significantly depending on tidal movements and because an adjacent residential tower development directly overlooks the site.

Waste Transfer Station

New Skills College in Fareham

Cass Allen have been providing Leadbitter Group with acoustic design guidance for a new skills college at Fareham. The assessment included noise surveys at the site and at the existing college facilities, 3D computer noise modelling, a sound insulation design assessment, detailed reverberation calculations, a plant noise assessment and preparation of documentation to support the planning application. A challenge of the project was the use of natural ventilation in an area close to an active airfield.

New mixed-use scheme for Bellway Homes

Cass Allen have been appointed to advise on a new mixed-use commercial and residential scheme in SW London for Bellway Homes. The development is acoustically challenging as it is bounded on three sides by railway lines and lies underneath the Heathrow flightpath.


Brighton Marina Development

We have been appointed by Midgard to advise on the new Brighton Marina development. This will build a large number of apartments on land reclaimed from the sea and is acoustically complex due to the extensive use of piling near existing buildings.

Brighton Marina

New Solar Farm

Cass Allen have been advising Lark Energy on gaining planning permission for a new solar farm in Suffolk. This required large scale 3D noise modelling to calculate the effect of the solar panels on existing noise sources in the area.

Planning condition discharge for Olympian Tower

We have been advising Telford Homes plc on discharging noise related planning conditions on their new residential and commercial tower in Stratford, East London. The tower lies adjacent to rail and bus stations and so a high performance facade was required. We will next turn our attention to the internal design of the units and ensuring that appropriate levels of acoustic separation are achieved between units.

New Recording Studio complex – ARU, Cambridge

Anglia Ruskin University commissioned Cass Allen to design a suite of five recording studios and associated control rooms for their Cambridge campus. We have just completed the commissioning the tests, which showed that the design brief of providing a complex up to full commercial standards has been achieved.

Award winning library opens in Clapham

The library is part of the award winning Clapham One development designed by Studio Egret West, consisting of a library, health centre and apartments. Our role was to design the internal acoustics of all three parts together with discharging planning conditions related to environment noise emissions from the CHP and cooling plant. The central part of the library is also to be used as a music performance space. This was complicated due to the elliptical floor shape, which can result in unpleasant acoustic focusing effects. The solution (developed after extensive room modelling) was to add diffusion to the walls in the shape of the glazed areas visible in the photograph and also to cant the walls outwards slightly to reflect sound up to the absorptive/diffusive ceiling.

Speech Privacy design for Hampshire County Council

We are advising Hampshire County Council and Morgan Sindall on achieving suitable standards of speech privacy as part of their move into new offices in Basingstoke. The offices will house the family support unit and conference suites where confidentiality is critical. Our involvement centres around design flanking path treatments for the partitions and ensuring that suitable ambient noise levels are achieved (using sound masking) so that the necessary level of confidentiality is obtained.

Another block starts at Victory Pier for Berkeley First

Our work at Victory Pier next to Chatham docks started in early 2010 with a site-wide noise survey and modelling exercise to assist with achieving planning permission. Since then we have worked on the detailed acoustic design of 6 blocks of this mixed use waterside development; comprising residential units, student accommodation, commercial space and a hotel.

Library refurb for Anglia Ruskin University

We have started work on the refurbishment of the library on ARU’s Chelmsford site. The library is built around two atria and one of the key aims of the refurbishment is to reduce noise transfer from floor to floor via these atria. We have completed transmission tests inside the library to understand how sound is reflected and absorbed from the various architectural features and are now working on the modelling, which will inform the internal fit-out and finishes.

New 10,000 sqm Logistics Hub for DSV

We have been appointed to advise on securing planning permission and detailed acoustic design for a new logistics hub for DSV Solutions. The hub is located close to a housing estate and so attenuation of loading and vehicle noise is a prime concern of the council. The photograph shows an existing DSV site where vehicle and operational noise was measured. This data will then be superimposed onto the proposed site using 3D noise modelling.

New Hix Restaurant opens at the Tramshed in Hackney

We have been working on this project for over two years taking it from initial concept through a difficult planning process and detailed design. The listed building needed substantial acoustic upgrading to limit noise breakout to residential areas.

We also 3D modelled the interior to provide just the right level of acoustic absorption to control excessive reverberation whilst retaining the ‘buzz’ that was essential to the restaurant concept.

This balance seems to have been achieved judging by the email received from the Lead Architect after the opening night:

“Lest I forget, the acoustics in here are near as dammit perfect. Great job. Come for lunch!”
(Andrew Waugh, Waugh Thistleton Architects)

Residential development on a London Traffic Island is completed

A novel use of unused space has been completed on a South London traffic island. Having busy roads immediately on all four sides of the building posed several acoustic design problems for us to overcome. However, commissioning tests carried out on the finished development showed that the stringent noise conditions imposed as part of the planning permission for the site had been achieved.

Cass Allen recording awarded ‘Recording of the Month’ by BBC Music

A recording of Schubert’s Winterreise performed by James Gilchrist and Anna Tilbrook has been named ‘Recording of the Month’ by BBC Music Magazine, and goes onto the short list for ‘2012 Recording of the Year’.

The disc was recorded over a three day period in the beautiful acoustics of Potton Hall in Suffolk, which contributed greatly to the quality of recording achieved and admired by the critics..’one of the indispensable readings and also one of the best balanced’. The full review can be seen here.

This disc completes the Schubert cycle that Cass Allen has recorded over a three year period for Orchid Classics, which also includes Die Schone Mullerin, and Schwanengesang.

Combined Hotel and Data Centre nears completion

We have started commissioning tests on this hotel and data centre project, which is being constructed by MACE and has been running through Cass Allen since the early planning stages in 2008. The juxtaposition of a noisy data centre and a hotel which prides itself on providing a good night’s sleep caused a few acoustic design headaches, but the tests have shown that the insulation between the two uses is performing exactly as designed.

New Student Accommodation for Berkeley Capital

We have completed the survey and design work on this new student accommodation block in London E1. The student accommodation is part of a larger development consisting of residential & commercial units and a hotel. Four separate firms of acousticians are involved in the project and our role included coordinating the facade designs of the other firms to ensure cost-effective and consistent design across the development.

Encapsulation of Power Networks substation

We have been advising on the technically complex challenge of constructing a luxury hotel and apartment blocks above an existing substation. The first stage is to encapsulate the substation in a steel-lined concrete chamber some 200m long, 38m high and four storeys high. We believe this is only the third time this type of project has been attempted in the world and of particular concern is the possibility of acoustic resonance associated with the transformer hum. Another challenge is the need for the substation to remain operational throughout the construction process.

Mixed Use master planning adjacent to Steelworks

We have just completed acoustic surveys on Teeside associated with a large mixed use development comprising approximately 42,000m2 of commercial and residential space. The site is complicated acoustically, being bounded on one side by a rail line and on the other by a large steelworks. Our work will initially assist with the master planning for the development and then carry through to the layout and design of individual blocks.

Crematorium completed

We have just completed commissioning tests for this new state of the art crematorium in Milton Keynes. The brief was to design the chapel as a broadcast studio so that services could be seen around the world by people unable to attend in person. The unusual ‘Cycloid’ barrel roof posed interesting acoustic challenges, but extensive 3D modelling at the design stage gave us confidence that speech intelligibility would be excellent, and this has been borne out by the commissioning tests.

New Mosque for Cambridge

We have started work on a large new mosque in Cambridge. The mosque is three to four stories high and will hold up to around 1000 worshippers when complete.

Royal Norfolk Showground

We have started work on the internal acoustic design for the refurbishment of the exhibition hall at this prestigious venue.

Simon Pegg Recording

As part of our ongoing support of the Lenny Trusler Children’s Foundation we have just completed a recording of Simon Pegg reading the poems of Spike Milligan. The current target is to raise money for an incubator for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Whittington Hospital in London.

Simon Pegg Recording

Proms in the Park

Another successful year of Proms in the Park with music emissions controlled by Cass Allen. Thankfully, the spectacular fireworks that finished off the show were exempt from the Council’s stringent noise limits!

Wind Farm – East Anglia

Cass Allen have been appointed to advise on the Noise Impact of a multi-turbine scheme in East Anglia. Due to the scale of the development and the proximity of dwellings a full Environmental Impact Assessment will be required.

3000 Home Extension to Town

Cass Allen have been appointed to assess the environment noise impact of a large mixed use extension to a Norfolk town. The extension will contain around 3000 homes together with commercial, education and entertainment facilities. Survey work and noise modelling is currently in progress.

Anaerobic Digestion

Cass Allen have been appointed to advise on achieving planning permission for a new anaerobic digestion facility in Cambridgeshire. The plant is designed to process 50,000 tonnes of biodegradable organic material per year, producing 2.5MW of power.

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