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  • Noise from Waste Transfer Station – London

    Noise from Waste Transfer Station – London

  • Large mixed-use scheme – One Tower Bridge

    Large mixed-use scheme – One Tower Bridge

  • New Hotel – Heathrow Airport

    New Hotel – Heathrow Airport

  • New residential village for Berkeley Homes

    New residential village for Berkeley Homes

  • New Container Distribution Hub – Felixstowe

    New Container Distribution Hub – Felixstowe

  • New Skills Academy – Bristol

    New Skills Academy – Bristol

  • New Chapel and Crematorium – Milton Keynes

    New Chapel and Crematorium – Milton Keynes

  • New Leisure Centre – Nottingham

    New Leisure Centre – Nottingham

  • New Office Block – London

    New Office Block – London

Noise, Vibration & Dust Monitoring

Monitoring of noise, vibration and dust levels may be required for a variety of reasons, for example:

  • To demonstrate compliance with planning or statutory limits
  • To assess baseline conditions in the vicinity of a new development site
  • To assess  emissions from a particular source

Cass Allen can provide various monitoring solutions, including systems that can be configured to send email and SMS text message alerts when emission limits are exceeded. Such systems are particularly useful for long term monitoring from industrial operations and large-scale construction projects.

Long-term Construction Dust and Noise Monitoring – Greenwich Creekside

Client: Essential Living
Architects: Assael Architecture

Scope: Cass Allen were instructed to monitor dust and noise levels throughout the construction phase of the development as part of planning condition requirements. The monitoring is currently ongoing with sensors around the site providing real-time measurement data. Monitoring started in February 2017 and is anticipated to last until July 2018. Monthly reports are being provided to site management and any exceedances trigger SMS and email alerts sent to key site staff so that appropriate action can be taken on-site to demonstrate best practicable means.

Long-term Construction Dust, Noise and Vibration Monitoring

Client: Taylor Wimpey West London
Architects: Architectus

Scope: Cass Allen was instructed to monitor dust, noise and vibration levels throughout the construction phase of the development as part of planning condition requirements. This required numerous monitors linked via the web to provide real-time measurements of all controlled parameters, together with email and SMS alarms that were triggered when pre-set emission levels were triggered. The results demonstrated that there were no noise exceedances throughout the project and only isolated dust and vibration exceedances, which were minimised due to the prompt notification process and effective site management.

Construction Noise and Vibration Monitoring – Finchley Road, London

Client: Hill Partnerships
Architect: PCKO

Scope: Cass Allen installed and commissioned an unmanned noise and vibration monitoring system to manage noise and vibration emissions from construction works associated with a new residential development.

The monitoring system was set up at the position of the nearest residential receptors and was configured to automatically send email and text message alerts to site management when preconfigured noise and vibration limits were exceeded. Exceedances also triggered flashing beacons to alert personnel.

The monitoring system allowed Hill Partnerships to carefully manage their noise and vibration emissions during the construction works, to ensure that local Environmental Health requirements were complied with.

Vibration Monitoring – Black Prince Road, London

Client:  Telford Homes
Architects:  Stockwool

Scope:  Cass Allen was instructed to monitor the vibration levels during the piling process for the construction of a 23-storey tower in London.

Vibration levels were monitored at the residential buildings adjoining the site, to assess the impact on the construction of these buildings. The results demonstrated that the piling process complied with the stringent project vibration criteria.


High Level Railway Noise Monitoring – Balham Boundaries, London

Client:  Taylor Wimpey (South West Thames)

Scope:  Cass Allen were instructed to carry out attended noise monitoring to assess noise levels from an elevated section of railway in Balham.

The monitoring was required to quantify the noise levels that would exist at the facades of a new development that would have bedrooms and living rooms overlooking the railway lines.

The results of the measurements were analysed to inform the specification of glazing and ventilators to the new development, so that acceptable internal noise levels would be achieved in the habitable rooms. It was particularly important to minimise the risk that train passes on the railway would wake residents up during the night-time.

Long-Term Ground-Borne Vibration Monitoring – Newington Butts, London

Client: Allenbuild Ltd South East
Architect: Hunters

Scope: Cass Allen Associates carried out ground-borne vibration monitoring and analysis on behalf of Allenbuild Ltd South East. The monitoring was required to manage vibration emissions from demolition works in order to protect nearby sensitive sewer infrastructure.

Noise and Weather Monitoring – Wind Farm, Suffolk

Client:  BT Wind for Change

Scope:  Cass Allen were instructed by BT Wind for Change, to carry out a 4-week programme of noise and weather monitoring, as part of a noise impact assessment for a proposed wind farm development in rural Suffolk.

Multiple unattended noise logging stations were set up at residential properties in the area to log noise levels synchronously and gather crucial background noise data for the assessment. The weather monitoring required a 10m weather station to gather wind, temperature and rainfall data.

Both the noise and weather monitoring programmes were arranged and managed by Cass Allen to ensure that the requirements of both ETSU-97 and the Local Authority were complied with.

Noise Monitoring – Willington Quarry, Bedford

Client: Hope Construction Materials (formerly LaFarge Aggregates)

Scope:  Cass Allen have been carrying out regular noise monitoring for Willington Quarry since 2009, in order to assess compliance with various noise-related planning conditions associated with the planning permission for mineral extraction (and associated activities) at the site.

Monitoring is carried out at a number of noise-sensitive properties in the vicinity of the quarry, in accordance with a schedule agreed with the Local Planning Authority.

The programme of monitoring, managed by Cass Allen, allows the quarry operator to demonstrate that the requirements of the Local Authority are being complied with.

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