Cass Allen has recently completed the design work on their 40th gym! It is increasingly becoming desirable for gym operators to choose locations that are closer to residential properties. It is now not uncommon for noisy gym equipment, such as weights machines, running machines etc, to be located in 24 hour gyms directly adjacent to houses and apartments. It is critical to the success of these gyms and the wellbeing of the nearby residents that sources of noise and vibration are suitably mitigated.

Noise issues can be very stressful for both residents and gym operators. We are proud to say that in every case where the guidance we have provided has been implemented, the acoustic mitigation has been successful. This means that gym operators can host a relaxing environment for their members to work out in, with the peace of mind that their neighbours are also happy.

If you would like any further information on the acoustic design of gyms please contact our Principal Building Acoustics Consultant, James Hart.