1) Acoustics for Architects & Designers

In this session we use audio examples to illustrate what decibels sound like and whether we should really get too concerned about the odd decibel here and there. We explain and illustrate all the key acoustic terms that designers and contractors will encounter.

2) Acoustic Criteria and Conditions

Planning Conditions, Building Regulations and Employers Requirements are generally derived from a number of key acoustic standards. These standards have very different criteria that can have major design and cost implications for the project. This session explores what these standards mean in practice and how they can impact upon the costs and deliverability of the project. The aim is to enable you to spot the pitfalls in project design targets and decide whether they are reasonable. We also review the recent changes to Noise Standards (eg BS8233 and BS4142) and how these impact on the design and construction process.

3) Design Fundamentals

The aim here is not to make ourselves redundant, but instead, to give a brief understanding (primarily through audio examples), of the key design principles in our industry. We will show how to get the most ‘bang for your buck’ when designing walls and ceilings. We will also demonstrate why silence is not always best and the right type of noise can be a designer’s best friend, both in terms of project cost and the outcome for building occupiers.

4) Case Histories

In this session we draw together the information in the first three sessions and illustrate the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of Noise in the Built Environment. We show how to get the most value from acoustics consultants and avoid the common pitfalls that frustrate clients and design teams alike.

5) Workshop and Q&A

In this session we invite you to share your own noise-related problems and explore how they might have been avoided and what is the best approach to tackle the current situation. Our consultants are also available after the session to discuss any particularly sensitive or confidential noise issues that would not be appropriate for group discussion.