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Industrial and Infrastructure

Industrial & Infrastructure projects can require a wide range of acoustic services, from assessing the environmental impact of proposed power stations through to evaluating and reducing employee noise exposure levels inside industrial plants.

Whilst better zoning during the planning process has been largely successful in moving new industrial processes away from residential areas, the recent emphasis on renewable energy has created an upsurge in residential concern as numerous new technologies are being located close to dwellings – eg onshore wind turbines and CHP stations linked to anaerobic digestors. The situation is exacerbated by confiusion as to whether the current standards are effective in protecting residents.

Cass Allen have advised clients operating in a wide range of different industries, a small selection of which are set out below:

Noise Emissions from Waste Transfer Station – Isle of Dogs

Client: Telford Homes
Architects: RMA Architects

Scope:  Cass Allen carried out detailed noise monitoring to assess noise emissions from a commercial waste transfer centre affecting a nearby residential development.

The waste transfer centre is located on a working wharf on the Isle of Dogs and is the primary facility of its type utilised by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. It was necessary to establish a detailed understanding of operations at the waste transfer centre, particularly as noise emissions from the site vary significantly depending on tidal movements and because an adjacent residential tower development directly overlooks the site.

New Wind farm – Suffolk

Client: BT plc
Planning Consultants: DLP Planning

Scope: To carry out the work necessary for the noise chapter of a full Environmental Impact Assessment for this multi-turbine scheme in rural Suffolk. The scheme is part of BT’s ‘wind for change programme’, which is the largest corporate wind power project that intends to produce 250MW of energy by 2016. Our role included long-term sound and wind speed monitoring at 7 locations surrounding the proposed site, detailed 3D acoustic modelling to assess the noise impact of the scheme in accordance with ETSU and IOA guidance, and complete the ES noise chapter. In view of local concern regarding the scheme, we also attended presentations to the public as part of the planning process.

This site is one of a number of wind turbine projects that Cass Allen consultants have advised on, ranging from a single turbine scheme required as the renewable energy commitment for a new manufacturing plant, through to a large 20 turbine scheme generating 60MW of energy.

Railway Noise & Vibration – London

Client: Taylor Wimpey
Project: Balham Boundaries

Scope: Cass Allen were instructed to carry an investigation to assess noise and vibration emissions from a stretch of busy railway on a raised embankment. The assessment included measurement and analysis of ground borne vibration, and noise emissions at high level (up to 10m).

Data Centre Extension in Redhill, Surrey

Client: CGG Services (UK) Ltd

Scope: Cass Allen carried out an assessment of the proposed extension to the CGG data centre extension in Redhill, Surrey. The 2 storey extension comprises a data hall on the ground floor and a services room containing 25 cooling units on the first floor.

Our role was to aid in obtaining planning permission for the proposed extension by carrying out a detailed assessment of the noise impact of the mechanical ventilation system serving the new data hall. This included extensive 3D modelling of the new noise sources along with detailed site surveys and acoustical mitigation specification.

Crematorium Completed – Milton Keynes

Project: Crownhill Crematorium, Milton Keynes
Client: Milton Keynes Council
Architects: Architecture MK
Main Contractors: Kier Marriott

Scope: Our brief was to ensure that the acoustics of this new £6.2m crematorium would be at least as good as the existing crematorium, which was regarded as having excellent acoustics. We surveyed the existing crematorium to develop design criteria for the new building, based on the existing but upgraded where feasible and economically viable.

The primary design feature linking the various spaces throughout the new facility was a cycloid barrel-vaulted concrete roof. This posed some complicated acoustic questions with respect to speech intelligibility inside the chapel. The situation was further complicated by the requirement for state of the art audio visual facilities inside the chapel so that services could be filmed and webcast live around the world. To address these issues a sophisticated 3D acoustic model was developed (shown above). This enabled us to specify the type, quantity and location of acoustic treatments required.

Two Logistic Depots – White Hart Lane, Tottenham & South Road, Harlow

Client: Curtis Real Estate

Scope: Curtis Real Estate instructed Cass Allen Associates to assess the suitability of both of these industrial sites for proposed logistic depot use for two well-known trade occupiers.

Noise measurements of existing depots of a similar size and operation were gathered then those noise profiles were superimposed onto the new sites using 3D computer modelling to calculate the impact on nearby residents.

The image shows the new 7 acre development at White Hart Works on White Hart Lane, Tottenham.

Logistics Hub – Thrapston

Client: DSV Solutions Ltd
Project: The Link, Thrapston
Architects: pHp Architects

Scope: We were appointed to advise on securing planning permission and detailed acoustic design for a new 10,000 sqm logistics hub for DSV Solutions. The hub is located close to a housing estate and so attenuation of loading and vehicle noise is a prime concern of the council. The photograph shows an existing DSV site where vehicle and operational noise was measured. This data was then superimposed onto the proposed site using 3D noise modelling.

Various Solar Farms Around the UK

Client: Lark Energy
Planning Consultants: DLP Consultants

Scope:  Cass Allen gave advice on gaining planning permission for a new solar farm in Ellough, Suffolk. This required large scale 3D noise modelling to calculate the effect of the solar panels on existing noise sources in the area.

The project was refused planning permission on visual impact grounds.  However the noise impact assessment indicated that it would have been acceptable in regards to noise.

Cass Allen were also instructed to carry out a detailed noise impact assessment to predict noise levels from the operation of a 13MWp solar farm in Langford, Bedfordshire. The development will span approximately 60 acres and is located 1km west of Langford village.

Using a 3D computer noise model, Cass Allen advised on acoustic specification to discharge the relevant planning condition to achieve satisfactory background noise levels for nearby residents when the solar farm is in use.

New Aeration Plant – East Anglia

Client: Anglian Water
Main Contractors: Skanska Aker JV

Scope: To assess the noise impact of new aeration plant on dwellings in the vicinity of the Sewage Treatment Works, including pre and post completion surveys to demonstrate compliance with the project criteria.

Noise Emissions from a Waste Transfer Site

Client: Sworders

Scope: Cass Allen Associates was instructed by Sworders to assess the acoustical suitability of a proposed residential development on the Land South of Tanners Way, Hunsdon.

A waste transfer yard is located to the south of the proposed development and Cass Allen carried out detailed assessments, with respect to noise emissions from this yard, under the recently revised BS4142.

New Bypass – A10 at Wadesmill

Client: Highways Agency
Engineers: Mott Macdonald

Scope: To develop a monitoring and modelling programme prior and after construction of this 7.5km bypass. The purpose was to assess the noise impact of the new bypass on dwellings along the route, to mitigate disturbance and to provide data with which to defend noise compensation claims.

New Quarry Extension – Bedfordshire

Client: Lafarge Aggregates

Scope: To negotiate planning noise criteria with the Council in accordance with MPS2 and BS8233, and then demonstrate through surveys that the criteria were being achieved at nearby dwellings.

New container distribution hub – Cambridgeshire

Client: RGP Distribution
Planning Consultants: Bidwells

Scope: To measure typical container handling noise levels at the client’s Existing Felixstowe distribution depot and to use this data to assess the environmental noise impact at their proposed Cambridgeshire site. this required an assessment of HGV movements on surrounding local roads together with 3D modelling of container handling noise on the proposed site.

New Waste Transfer Station – Lincolnshire

Client: A.Riddel & Sons

Scope: to assist with achieving planning permission for a new waste transfer station. This included initial noise surveys of existing client premises and modelling the environmental noise impact of the proposed new site. This required extensive negotiation with the local authorities with respect to appropriate planning conditions. As a result the extent of future noise monitoring required as part of the noise management Strategy was significantly reduced.

‘Silent Approach’ – Quiet Night-time Deliveries

Client: Noise Abatement Society

Scope: The objective of the Noise Abatement Society (NAS) is to raise awareness of, and find solutions to, noise pollution. Working together with the Freight Transport Association, the NAS has pioneered a scheme called ‘ Silent Approach ‘ to enable retail deliveries to be made during the night without disturbing nearby residents. Cass Allen has advised the NAS on technical maters relating to the scheme and carried out the acoustic testing for vehicle manufacturers wishing to become accredited under the silent Approach scheme. This has taken Cass Allen engineers to all corners of the UK and Ireland. The photographs show accreditation tests in progress for (top) a cryogenic chiller and (bottom) an electric urban delivery chassis.

Relocation of Vehicle Training HQ – Cambridgeshire

Client: Volvo UK
Project Managers: Cushman & Wakefield

Scope: To establish the acoustic feasibility of relocating the main Volvo Training and development centre to within their main office HQ. This presented a series of acoustic challenges due to the construction of the building and the high noise levels associated with some of the vehicle repair training courses.

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