“Very proactive and extremely helpful, especially with technical queries. I would not hesitate to recommend and will certainly be using them again in the future.”



Under CDM2015 regs we have found CASS ALLEN to exercise a level of professionalism and due diligence which is second to none. We would therefore definitely recommend CASS ALLEN as our preferred acoustic consultant, for all of our projects.’


SF - Taylor Wimpey South Thames

“I was very pleased with their technical knowledge and professional approach when dealing with a very awkward purchaser as well as the local authority.”


JH, Telford Homes

“Cass Allen went above and beyond to help with the Acoustic planning performance and conditions regarding the Greenwich Creekside project…”


LM, Capita plc

“Good comprehensive reports and advice at all design stages. Very flexible and professional, provided attendance at acoustic cladding tests at short notice.”


DF, Berkeley Homes

“Cass Allen have assisted us on a number of our projects. I’ve been impressed with their thorough and professional approach.”


MT, Lark Energy


The revision to Part E of the Building Regulations in 2003 together with numerous new sustainability standards such as BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes, has dramatically changed the way new dwellings are built in the UK. Cass Allen advise some of the largest housebuilders and housing associations on how to achieve acoustics requirements in the most cost-effective manner. We also advise on site selection and layout to minimise costs and also on achieving planning permissions for new sites.

We have carried out over 20,000 pre-completion sound tests to demonstrate compliance with Part E requirements. These results are databased so that the information can be fed back into future design work. Our equipment and site practices have been honed over the years to provide extremely cost-effective and efficient sound testing with minimal disruption to site.

Student Accommodation , London E1

Client : Berkeley Capital

Scope: Cass Allen completed the survey and design work on this new student accommodation block in London.

The student accommodation is part of a larger development consisting of residential & commercial units and a hotel. Four separate firms of acousticians were involved in the project and our role included coordinating the facade designs of the other firms to ensure cost-effective and consistent design across the development.


Royal Mint Gardens, London

Client: Midgard Ltd.

Scope: Cass Allen were appointed the Acoustic Consultants for this complex project in London.

The site is built directly over the top of an existing railway line – you can see the tunnel running through the development in the photo on the right. This is made possible with incredibly high acoustic performance design incorporating anti-vibration bearings and double layer isolated concrete encasement of the railway.

Another acoustic consideration of this development is an elevated DLR line running adjacent to the site boundary, also shown in the photo.

Residential Mixed-Use Development in Digbeth, Birmingham – Connaught Square

Client: Seven Capital Plc
Architects: Building Design Group

Scope: Cass Allen are appointed by Seven Capital Plc as Acoustic Consultants for their landmark mixed-use development in the heart of Digbeth.

The £220m development will consist of 770 new apartments and over 3,500 sq m of commercial, retail and leisure space.

Cass Allen will be providing detailed design advice for all aspects of the scheme including discharging noise related planning conditions, undertaking an internal sound insulation design review and then carrying out pre-completion sound testing.

There are some interesting and unusual aspects to this scheme as it involves the opening up of the River Rea for the first time in over a century which will sweep through the development. The scheme will also preserve two historic pubs in the area.

Luxury Residential Mixed-Use Development off Broad Street, Birmingham – St Martin’s Place

Client: Seven Capital Plc
Architects: Building Design Group

Scope: Cass Allen are appointed by Seven Capital Plc as acoustic consultants for their new luxury residential development in the heart of Birmingham due for completion in 2020.

The scheme consists of 227 apartments and will be fully serviced by the four-star Park Regis Hotel. Residents will have access to their own gymnasium and cinema when the development is completed.

Cass Allen Associates are providing detailed design sound insulation advice for these spaces as well for the residential apartments, together with helping to demonstrate compliance with acoustics related planning conditions and will complete pre-completion testing prior to first occupation.

Residential Led Mixed-Use Development – South Quay Plaza

Client: Berkeley Homes (South East London) Ltd
Planning Consultants: GVA
Mechanical Engineers: Gillespies
Architect: Foster and Partners

Scope: Cass Allen Associates was instructed by Berkeley Homes to undertake a formal Environmental Impact Assessment as part of the redevelopment and revitalisation of South Quay Plaza in Docklands.

Two commercial structures were replaced with residential towers of 46 and 73 storeys with ground floors housing cafes, restaurants, bars and other leisure uses. The site was acoustically complex due to noise generated by the DLR running immediately to the south of the site.

Cass Allen’s role was to prepare the Noise and Vibration chapter of the EIA, covering: internal noise levels inside the finished development and noise due to construction, traffic and plant. We then moved on to detailed acoustic design for the construction phase.

Osiers Road, Wandsworth

Client: Taylor Wimpey (South Thames) Ltd
Structural Engineers: Ridge
Architect: KHA

Scope: Cass Allen were the appointed Acoustic Consultants for this challenging project in Wandsworth.

The site is located adjacent to a busy railway line, which is a few metres from the footprint of the building at its closest point. As a result, anti-vibration bearings were required in the design of the structure to protect future residents from ground-borne noise and vibration. The use of the bearings was optimised to minimise project costs and ensure the bearings could be accommodated in the structure. This was particularly complicated as the site has a steep slope from Osiers Road up to the railway line.

High-performance glazing and ventilation were also required to achieve acceptable noise levels in habitable rooms. External amenity areas were also carefully screened from the railway, with intelligent landscaping used to hide the noise barriers.

Olympian Tower – Stratford, East London

Client: Telford Homes
Architects: Stock Woolstencroft

Scope:  We advised Telford Homes plc on discharging noise related planning conditions on their new residential and commercial tower in Stratford, East London. The tower lies adjacent to rail and bus stations and so a high performance facade was required. We also advised on BREEAM requirements for the commercial units and the internal design of the apartments ensuring that appropriate levels of acoustic separation are achieved between units.

One Tower Bridge – London

Client: Berkeley Homes (SE London)
Architects: Squire & Partners/Peter Taylor Associates
Mechanical Consultants: Meinhardt

Scope: We have been advising Berkeley Homes (Capital) on their prestigious One Tower Bridge development. Nestling between City Hall and Tower Bridge, the development consists of a theatre and nine blocks of residential, commercial and retail space. Our role includes negotiating planning conditions with the council, discharging noise-related planning conditions and designing the internal acoustics of all of the blocks.

Marina Development – Brighton

Client: Midgard
Architects: Acanthus L W Architects
Design Consultants: Whitecode
Mechanical Consultants: Meinhardt

Scope:  We have been appointed by Midgard to advise on the new Brighton Marina development. This will build a large number of apartments on land reclaimed from the sea and is acoustically complex due to the extensive use of piling near existing buildings.

Residential Tower – Stratford, London

Client: Telford Homes Plc
Architect: Stockwool

Cass Allen advised Telford Homes Plc on the acoustical design of this 33-storey residential building, accommodating 182 dwellings including an ancillary resident’s gym.

This site is located within a mixed-use area and was acoustically challenging as it sits between Stratford Railway and the Great Eastern Road. Cass Allen advised throughout this project to ensure that the internal noise levels in all habitable rooms achieved local authority criteria.

Apartment Block – Ruskin Square Development, Croydon

Client: Midgard Ltd
Architects: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Scope: Cass Allen Associates were instructed by Midgard Ltd to assess the acoustic design of this apartment block, which rises from 9 to 20-storeys and is part of the £500m development at Ruskin Square in Croydon.

An Environmental Impact Assessment showed that noise levels at the site were dictated by the adjacent East Croydon railway line and traffic on surrounding roads. Our scope included the acoustic design of the external envelope and also the internal acoustics of the building.

Conversion of Town Hall – Tottenham, London

Client: United House
Architects: BPTW
Planning Consultants: CgMs

Scope: To assist with achieving planning permission for the proposed redevelopment of Tottenham Town Hall into mixed commercial and residential uses. The site was complicated by the presence of railway lines at the rear, the busy A10 at the front and a live music venue to the side. However, through detailed acoustic design of the facades and ventilation systems we were able to demonstrate to the Council that suitable noise levels could be achieved inside the development and planning permission was approved.

Greenfield Residential Development – Spencer’s Park, Hemel Hempstead

Client: Barratt Homes North London
Planning & Design Consultants: CMYK

Scope: On behalf of Barratt Homes North London, Cass Allen Associates carried out a noise assessment of this greenfield residential development, on the North edge of Hemel Hempstead.

The development comprises 357 houses, community building and retail building. Noise levels were dominated by road traffic from the M1 motorway and Three Cherry Trees Lane also due to activity at the logistics depot to the west of the site.

Using acoustic modelling, Cass Allen assessed internal and external noise levels and advised on suitable design measures to achieve the appropriate noise criteria for an acceptable noise environment for future residents.

School and Residential Development in Hackney

Client: Telford Homes
Architects: GHM Rock Townsend

Scope: Cass Allen advised on an unusual mixed-use residential/school development in Hackney on behalf of Telford Homes and the London Diocesan Board for Schools.

The project comprised a school at ground and first floors, a second floor open-air multi-use games area and 100 residential flats stacked above the school facility.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson commenting on the scheme said: “The design for the redevelopment of Holy Trinity School is pioneering and cleverly tackles the need to provide more housing and more primary school places.”

Residential Led Mixed-Use Development – Colliers Wood

Client: Quadrant Construction
Architects: Alan Camp Architects

Scope: Quadrant Construction has instructed Cass Allen Associates to provide acoustical advice throughout the design of this mixed-use development in the London Borough of Merton.

Cass Allen will provide consultancy services from the initial planning stage through to post-completion testing in order to achieve Code for Sustainable Homes credits for the residential aspect of the development and BREEAM credits for the commercial units.

Advanced 3D modelling of the site and surrounding noise sources will be used to predict the spread of noise around the site and to aid in the acoustic design of the external facades.

Ocean Village – Southampton

Client: Bouygues UK
Architects: HGP Architects

Scope: Cass Allen has been instructed by Bouygues UK to provide acoustic design advice for this flag ship development at Southampton’s Ocean Village Marina.

The development adds a new residential-led building and new hotel building adjacent to Bouygues UK’s Admiral’s Quay development at the marina.

The work we are undertaking is primarily to assist with the discharge of noise-related planning conditions. However, we are also providing advice to help Bouygues UK deliver high quality acoustic environments for the future building users.

As part of the work, a detailed 3D computer noise model of the development has been utilised as shown in the image to the right.

Residential Development at the Former Lok N Store Site in Reading

Client: Taylor Wimpey West London
Architects: Architectus

Scope: Cass Allen has been appointed to provide acoustic design advice in respect of this 112 apartment development at the former Lok N Store site in Reading, overlooking the River Kennett.

We will be helping Taylor Wimpey West London and the design team achieve sufficient levels of sound insulation between dwellings. We will also help design the external facades of the development, including glazing and ventilation, to achieve acceptable internal noise levels in habitable areas. This is particularly important given the proximity of the site to the A33, a busy main road.

It is also our role to ensure that plant noise associated with the development will not disturb residents of the development and existing sensitive receptors in the area.

Mixed Use Residential-Educational Development in Rotherhithe

Client: Telford Homes
Architects: Stockwool

Scope: Cass Allen are providing Telford Homes with acoustical input to the design of a 19 storey mixed-use development comprising a primary school, secondary school and 6th Form college on the lower floors with residential dwellings above.

Our role is to aid in discharging a number of noise and vibration related planning conditions attached to the development. These include building envelope design as well as developing mitigation against the noise impact of the students at the site on residents above.

Residential Development at the Former Gasworks in Sutton

Client: Taylor Wimpey
Architects: Harris Partnership
Project Consultants: CPC Project Services LLP

Scope: Taylor Wimpey has instructed Cass Allen to assist the design team with the acoustics of this project.

The site is located at the former Gasworks located on the north side of the Sutton town centre on a six acre site. The site has planning permission for a 12,221 sqm supermarket and retail units at ground level with residential apartments above.

City Forum, London

Client: Berkeley Homes (Capital) plc
Architects: Foster & Partners

Scope: Berkeley Homes (Capital) plc appointed Cass Allen to act as acoustics consultants on this exciting scheme working alongside architects Foster & Partners.

This large mixed-use scheme comprises nine blocks around a central park with public and courtyard gardens. As well as retail and commercial uses, the design includes a hotel and two residential towers rising above the frontage to City Road.

Cass Allen will continue to advise long-term detailed acoustic design through to completion. The programme will span over a period of circa 20 years due to the complexity of land acquisition and phasing arrangements.

Residential Development – Limeharbour, London

Client: Telford Homes Plc
Architects: TP Bennett LLP

Scope: Telford Homes instructed Cass Allen to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment for a 28-storey residential building in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

The main acoustic consideration was the noise impact from the Docklands Light Railway running next to the building.

Using 3D environmental noise modelling software, Cass Allen has advised on the appropriate acoustic design measures to achieve planning permission for Telford Homes and acceptable noise levels for future residents.

Bessant Drive – Kew

Client: Taylor Wimpey
Architects: Architectus

Scope: We have been advising Taylor Wimpey on the acoustic design of this large residential development in Kew. The development comprises over 170 new homes and also includes space for a new community doctor’s surgery.

Key acoustic considerations for the project will be sound insulation levels between dwellings, sound insulation levels between the doctor’s surgery and adjoining dwellings, and external noise from fixed mechanical plant associated with the surgery.

Alfa Laval – Hounslow

Client: Bellway Homes
Architects: Boon Brown Architects

Scope: We have been advising Bellway Homes on the acoustic design of this large residential development at the Alfa Laval site in Hounslow. The site is adjacent to the A4 and a raised section of the M4 and is subject to very high road traffic noise levels. Consequently, high acoustic performance glazing and ventilation was required for the project. 3D noise modelling was carried out to inform the specification of the glazing and ventilation and to ensure that higher performance elements were only specified where strictly required.

A key challenge of the project was satisfying the local planning authority who had very particular requirements regarding the assessment methodology and the presentation of data. Nevertheless, the noise related planning conditions were successfully discharged allowing work to start onsite.

We also carried out the acoustic design of internal partitioning to ensure compliance with Building Regulations requirements (Part E) and Code for Sustainable Homes targets.

Greenfield Development – Moreton Hall, Bury St Edmunds

Client: Taylor Wimpey UK Ltd
Planning Consultants: DLP Planning Ltd

Scope: To prepare a planning noise and vibration Environmental Statement chapter for this mixed-use development of approximately 500 houses, new secondary school, football ground and local centre.

The site is bounded to the north by the Bury St Edmunds to Ipswich railway line and Rougham Airfield is immediately to the east which is used as an open-air venue and showground. Moreton Hall industrial estate lies to the south-east and the A14 dual-carriageway is approximately 600m to the south.

Using a 3D noise model, surveys were carried out to measure and predict noise and vibration levels at the site. Cass Allen recommended noise mitigation measures to ensure that acceptable noise environments are provided for future residents and commercial tenants of the development, as well as the users of the proposed school.

Residential Development – Barnet Southgate College, London

Client: Barratt Homes North London

Scope:  Cass Allen Associates were instructed by Barratt Homes North London to assess noise and vibration levels at the site of a proposed new residential and primary school development at Barnet Southgate College, London.

The site is located in a mixed-use area in close proximity to the Midland Main Line railway and the M1 and A1 motorways.

A 3D noise model was constructed to assess noise emissions from the railway and motorways affecting the development. The model was used to identify appropriate noise mitigation measures (in the form of acoustically upgraded glazing, ventilation and wall and roof constructions) to achieve acceptable noise levels in sensitive areas of the finished development.

New Mixed-Use Scheme – London

Client: Bellway Homes
Architects: Boon Brown Architects

Scope:  Cass Allen have been appointed to advise on a new mixed-use commercial and residential scheme in SW London for Bellway Homes. The development is acoustically challenging as it is bounded on three sides by railway lines and lies underneath the Heathrow flightpath.

New Student Accommodation – London E1

Client: Berkeley Homes (Capital) plc 
Architects: CJCT (Carey Jones Chapman Tolcher)

Scope: We completed the survey and design work on this new student accommodation block in London E1. The student accommodation is part of a larger development consisting of residential & commercial units and a hotel. Four separate firms of acousticians were involved in the project and our role included coordinating the facade designs of the other firms to ensure cost-effective and consistent design across the development.

Large Mixed-Use Development – Ashdon Road, Saffron Walden

Client: Ridgeons Ltd
Planning Consultants: Januarys
Landscape Architects: Hankinson Duckett Associates

Scope: To prepare and carry out a noise assessment to accompany a planning application for this mixed-use development of up to 167 residential properties, plus a new Ridgeons warehouse and various commercial and industrial uses including a retail unit, restaurant and a hotel.

The site currently contains a mix of large commercial / industrial uses, while the surrounding area contains a mixture of residential, agricultural and industrial uses. The site is bounded to the north and east by farmland and to the west by existing residential properties. On the opposite side of Ashdon Road to the south are an AMCO Oil Storage depot and a permitted mixed-use development which is currently under construction.

Using the results of a detailed site noise survey, a 3D noise model was created to predict the noise levels which will affect and be generated by the development. Cass Allen then recommended noise mitigation measures to ensure that acceptable noise environments are provided for future residents and commercial tenants of the development.

New Waterside Village – Victory Pier, Gillingham

Client: Berkeley First
Architects: A&Q Partnership / AMOS Architecture & Design
Planning Consultants: Barton Willmore Planning

Scope: Victory Pier is a new waterside village on the banks of the River Medway comprising of over 800 apartments and townhouses together with restaurants, bars, retail, carehome, hotel and leisure facilities. Our role was to assist with obtaining detailed planning consent through extensive surveys and 3D computer mapping of the site. We then carried out detailed design of the building envelope and internal sound insulation to discharge planning conditions and comply with Part E and CSH requirements.

Mixed Use Development – E1, London

Client: Telford Homes / Genesis Housing Group
Architects: Stock Woolstencroft
Planning Consultants: CMA Planning

Scope: To advise on noise matters associated with a new mixed use development on the fringe of the City. This included ambient noise surveys, negotiation of acoustic criteria, facade design to BS8233, inter-area insulation design to ensure Part E and CSH compliance.

Of particular concern was low-frequency noise from a busy bus lane running close to the lower facades. This required the use of high-performance acoustic glazing on the lower storeys. The lower photograph above shows some of the acoustic modelling used to establish how peak noise levels from the buses reduces with increasing height of the tower. This allowed us to reduce the specification (and cost) of the glazing for the upper storeys of the development whilst still achieving all of the project noise criteria.

The development includes 360 homes and ground floor commercial space over several blocks, including a 24 story tower.

Comet Square, Phases 1 & 2, Hatfield

Client: Barratt Homes
Developers: Frontier Estates & Thistle Land
Architects: Powell Dobson
Planning Consultants: Rapleys

Scope: This £90m scheme covered 16 acres and comprised approximately 4,000 sqm of retail and leisure space including a 120 bed hotel, 467 new homes, a nursing home, a new bus interchange, restaurants and retail premises. We were appointed to carry out acoustic design in line with planning conditions and Part E of the Building Regulations. Following construction, we carried out sound and air testing throughout the development and were delighted to note that all plots achieved Building Regulation requirements.

Residential Development of former toy factory – Hackney

Client: Telford Homes
Architects: Stock Woolstencroft

Scope: To carry out detailed acoustic design to achieve planning conditions and Part E / CSH requirements for this redevelopment of the former Matchbox Cars factory in Hackney. The finished scheme contained artist studios, 260 apartments and 5 commercial units. The site is adjacent to a main road and bus route and so high performance glazing and ventilation systems were required on many of the units.

Residential Development – London

Client: Skanska
Architects: Powell Dobson

Scope: To carry out a noise impact assessment and acoustic design study on a modular-build residential development close to a main road in south London. The picture shows part of the acoustic modelling superimposed upon satellite imagery used to predict the noise level on the various facades of the development. We also carried out a Part E design review to ensure that acceptable sound insulation existed between adjacent flats.

Social Housing – Lewisham

Client: Allenbuild
Architects: Sprunt
Planning Consultants: DPP

Scope: To advise on achieving planning permission for the scheme, then acoustically design the facades and internal partitions. Finally, to carry out sound and air testing to demonstrate Building Regulation compliance.

The photograph shows innovative acoustic shields, which protect bedroom windows from high noise levels generated on the main road and bus route immediately adjacent to the front facade.

Mixed Use Development – London

Client: Barratt Homes North London
Architects: Hester Architects
Planning Consultants: Bell Cornwell

Scope: To carry out a noise impact assessment and Part E design study on a new 180 dwelling mixed use development close to a railway line on a former factory site in North London. The lower picture shows part of the acoustic modelling superimposed upon satellite imagery used to predict the noise level on the various facades of the development. Pre-completion tests demonstrated that the acoustic design was successful.

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